Above and Beyond the Call

We make your investment property our priority

As a premier provider of full-service property management solutions, we are dedicated to treating your property as if it were our own. With our experienced and diversified team of professionals, we deliver an unmatched level of service that aims to maximize the potential return on your real estate investment.

Expert Tenant Screening: We meticulously screen potential tenants to find reliable, responsible individuals who will treat your property with respect and meet their lease obligations

Rent Collection & Financial Reporting: We handle rent collection promptly and provide you with detailed financial reporting, ensuring transparency and convenience

Property Maintenance & Repairs: From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, we coordinate and oversee all aspects of property upkeep, ensuring your investment is well-maintained

Efficient Marketing & Tenant Placement: Our targeted marketing strategies attract high-quality tenants, and our thorough screening process ensures that your property is occupied by trustworthy individuals

Timely Lease Renewals: We proactively manage lease renewals to minimize vacancies and maximize occupancy, ensuring consistent cash flow for your investment

Dispute Resolution & Legal Compliance: We handle tenant disputes professionally and ensure that your property remains in full compliance with local regulations and laws

Dedicated Customer Support: Our team is readily available to address your concerns and provide personalized support, offering you a hassle-free property management experience

What Our Clients Are Saying

Client testimonials

C Daniels
C Daniels
I was a tenet with the previous company before Suburban took over management. No complaints from before, but I definitely have compliments to add since they became my property manager. This is an excellent team. They are kind, responsive, and always professional with a pleasant touch of humanity. I highly recommend working with Suburban Management Group. Had I not bought a home of my own, I would have certainly continued to do business with them. Mind you, it does go both ways … Good tenet + Good landlords = A great working relationship! Try them out, you will be pleased.
Andre Anderson
Andre Anderson
We enjoy working with Suarez. They are a great client and very communicative.
Garrett White
Garrett White
Not happy with this property management company at all. They take a very long time to respond to service calls and a lot of the work completed requires multiple trips back. I have been bringing to their attention mold from ongoing water leaks and they still don’t respond. In the middle of all of this they’re increasing my rent. The one manager I spoke to tried to tell me it was my responsibility to seal the leaky basement walls as it falls under renters responsibilities. I don’t get the impression that they care about the renters at all.
Samantha St Luce
Samantha St Luce
Everyone, and I mean everyone, at Suarez Management Group are simply amazing. Bryan and Kerstin both were extremely professional, empathetic, and accommodating from the application process to the move-out process. The Suarez Management group cares. When we are ere unable to renew our lease, they shared a list of all available properties and coming properties in our area to ease our worries. We always felt like they went above and beyond no matter the situation, especially with their communications. I would certainly recommend SMG to anyone looking to lease. The experience is top tier. I couldn’t be more grateful to have found and worked with the SMG team!
Valerie Dabady
Valerie Dabady
We have been clients of Suarez Management Group for years and when it came time to sell our house in September 2022, we turned to them for assistance. They were consumate professionals who always had our interests in mind. Bravo!
Alexander Baldwin
Alexander Baldwin
Proved throughout the leasing process they are dedicated, timely, efficient and above all respectful of their clients and potential customers. Working with Suarez Management Group from a customer perspective was better than any other management or property group I’ve worked with. They made my application and leasing process simple and efficient. Along with this, it was clear from the start how serious they take their customers. The employees were kind and very responsive, always willing to work through any potential confusion. After years of working with non-responsive or poorly managed groups, it’s nice to see a local company getting it right. I would tell anyone leasing in the area they’d be comfortable working with this group, and I’d recommend their services to any potential homeowner or client looking for a service that leaves customers happy and confident about their lease.
From the start of my Real Estate Investing in 2002 with the most recent sold property in 2022- Suarez Management Group has my partner in selling & managing all my properties. 20 years of exceptional service above & beyond any expectations
Jimmy Matthews
Jimmy Matthews
I've rented two properties from these guys over the span of more than a decade, and among property management companies they're the best I've experienced, from the renter's perspective. The first property we rented we left under unfortunate circumstances (for the owner / property management company). The landlord went bankrupt and home was foreclosed on. Despite no having no financial incentive to do so (because their client went bankrupt / was no longer paying), John (former owner) was helpful and communicative, provided peace of mind during a stressful time, straightforward return of security deposit and so on. Prior to the foreclosure I recall we had a pipe burst in the basement during the winter, probably due to our negligence, and John's brother was out to repair it the following morning. As a tenant I couldn't have asked for better service. The second property we're now renting is a gem, lots of space, well kept, and below the market rate, which we feel very fortunate about given the insane prices of the current rental market. I'm hoping to stay here until I've saved up enough to buy my own home. We were fortunate to get a jump on the property before it was more broadly listed, Bryan (new owner) has been great to deal with! My only minor complaint is that the maintenance service could be a little more responsive, sometimes we submit a request and don't get a reply until we send a follow-up. But as a service company dealing with third party vendors I get it -- and during pandemic good service pros have been harder to come by, it seems. At the end of the day, every maintenance issue gets dealt with within a few weeks, no major gripes so far! Compared to my experience before this house, it's been a night-and-day experience. Previous property manager refused to seal rodent entrances in the months before we left, reasoning the house would be demolished and replaced when we vacated. It was put back on the rental market, of course! Thanks Bryan and Kerstin for the great experience and being easy to work with! 🙂 - Jimmy, current tenant
Steve Campagna
Steve Campagna
Great Realtors and property management! I have been working with them for 14 years. Looking to buy, sell or rent your GA property? Give them a call and you'll be happy you did!

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We are inspired to create a better world by living a culture of service to clients, customers and our community



We firmly believe in the golden rule; always under every circumstance demonstrate respect by treating others as you wish to be treated



We are intentional, compassionate and productive with our purpose. We take pride in what we do, how we do it and who we do it for



We actively engage in communication practices that are proactive, considerate, inclusive, timely and agreeable regarding all facets of business