Our Services

property management for the greater Atlanta area

Having a successful rental property requires a lot of time, effort, experience and knowledge. Let us save you that time, effort and frustration that comes with managing income-generating rentals.

As a full service property management company, our team is responsible for taking care of all aspects of managing your rental(s).

Our professional services

on-going communication

Have peace of mind of knowing that you’ll always be in the loop about your property’s status.

comprehensive marketing and advertising

Elevate your property’s visibility with our marketing strategies.


thorough resident screening and selection

Our process allows us to select reliable and responsible tenants for your property.

full-service leasing

We handle all aspects of property management from showings to lease signing.

timely rent collection

Our commitment to timely rent collection minimizes the risk of late payments while optimizing your rental income.

annual inspections

We safeguard your investment and ensure that your property remains in top condition.

cost-effective and reliable maintenance

We promptly address issues that come up so that the value of your property is upheld.

strict and compliant evictions

In challenging situations, our expertise and processes protect your property and interests.

comprehensive accounting

Have a clear overview of your property’s financial performance.

we care for your tenants and your property

Our Experience & Expertise

How much rent can you get for your investment?

Our market analysis helps landlords and us make data-informed decisions about their rental property, including rate estimates and other information so they can invest and manage their investment property more wisely.

Get optimized rental value for your property

Gain crucial insight into current market conditions

Determine your cashflow from monthly rental value

Frequently asked questions

What is property management and what services does it include?

Property management involves overseeing and maintaining real estate properties on behalf of property owners. It includes services such as tenant screening, lease agreements, rent collection, property maintenance, handling emergencies, and ensuring legal compliance.

How much does property management typically cost?

Property management costs vary depending on factors like property location, size, services offered, and the management company itself. Call us today to get our latest fee structure.

What are the benefits of hiring a Suburban Management?

Hiring us saves you time, reduces stress, and ensures professional handling of your property. We handle tenant relations, marketing, maintenance, and legal matters, ultimately maximizing your property’s value and returns.

How do Suburban Management find and screen potential tenants?

We advertise vacancies, conduct background checks, verify rental history, employment, and credit scores of potential tenants to ensure they are reliable and financially stable renters.

What is the role of Suburban Management in handling maintenance and repairs?

We coordinate and oversee maintenance and repairs, from routine tasks to emergency fixes. We ensure that the property remains well-maintained and that tenants’ concerns are promptly addressed.

How are rental prices determined for my property?

We assess the current market conditions, the property’s location, size, features, and comparable rental rates to determine an appropriate rental price that balances maximizing your income and attracting tenants.

What steps are taken to ensure timely rent collection from tenants?

We enforce lease terms, set up clear payment methods, and send timely rent reminders to tenants. In case of late payments, we follow established procedures to address the situation promptly.

What happens if a tenant violates the lease agreement or causes issues?

We enforce the terms of the lease agreement. We handle issues such as late payments, unauthorized modifications, and violations. If necessary, we initiate legal actions, including eviction, while adhering to local laws.

How does a Suburban Management handle emergencies and after-hours situations?

We provide a 24/7 emergency hotline for tenants. We have established protocols to address urgent maintenance issues, ensuring tenant safety and property preservation.

Can I still be involved in decision-making for my property while working with Suburban Management?

Yes, you can maintain involvement based on your preference. We consult owners for major decisions like property improvements, but the day-to-day tasks are handled by our management team.